Cost Strategies in International Dispute Resolution, Vienna, June 2/3, 2016

dri-logo-newDispute Resolution International is presenting a seminar in Vienna focused on how international commercial litigation can be managed efficiently at the least cost to clients.

At a time when all businesses are increasingly cost conscious, the ability to resolve complex disputes effectively for less money is the aim of most lawyers and the ability to achieve it gives competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive legal market. The seminar will look at different costs regimes and means of funding dispute resolution as well as different ways in which to manage the cost of dispute resolution and strategies that can be employed to leverage costs regimes to the client’s advantage. My Hamburg partner Philipp Behrendt is the Programme Vice Chair. Klick here for the seminar brochure.

For, statistically speaking, 50% of my readers, there is a freebie: On June 1, 2016, the day before the costs seminar, the Women in the Law International Seminar takes place – and you can attend this one free of charge if you attend the one on costs. DRI’s Women in the Law Seminar is both an educational and a networking event. It is designed to maximize the legal skills and business acumen of women in the law.

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