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Peter Bert_010Dispute Resolution has been a substantial part of my practice throughout the years, often with a cross-border element – my most exotic court appearance ever took me to the Brunei Court of Appeals.

Since 1996, I have been in private practice in Frankfurt and admitted as Rechtsanwalt to the Frankfurt Bar. In 2003, I qualified as a Solicitor in England and & Wales, and joined Taylor Wessing’s Frankfurt office as partner.

I live in my home town, Aschaffenburg, south of Frankfurt, in Bavaria. Aschaffenburg is home to a live music venue that punches way above its weight, having had the likes of John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Al di Meola, Joe Zawinul, Bill Evans, Nils Landgren or Esbjörn Svensson on stage. And home to Greser & Lenz, the cartoonists of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Occasionally, I run marathons.

TW Marathon 2018

But I digress…

I read law in Passau and Cardiff. In addition, I spent time at Harvard Law School as a visiting researcher, and obtained a post-graduate degree in International Economics from Konstanz University.

I did mediation training with CEDR way back in 1999,  and more recently with CIArb, getting accredited by both bodies – and apparently I have sufficiently grey hair now to be considered for arbitrator and mediator appointments. In 1999 I thought that mediation was a great thing that I wanted to get involved with it (which I still think) and that it would become very popular in Germany very quickly (which turned out not to be the case). Nevertheless, I was able to get experience both as counsel and neutral in mediations. As of now, I have served as an arbitrator in DIS, ICC and ad hoc arbitration proceedings.

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    • Thanks for letting me know – I am not sure whether I can make it, but I will in any event post a note on the event in this blog.

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