What You Read in 2015 – The Top Ten Posts

labyrinthDear Readers,  as 2016 begins, I had a look at what you read in 2015. There are two topics that emerge as favourites: On the one hand, investor state arbitration, and on the other hand, sports arbitration. Out of the top ten, posts no. 2, 6 and 7 all relate the decision of the Munich courts in the Pechstein case, where an award of the Court of Arbitration for Sport  in a doping case was not recognized in Germany.

Posts no. 3, 4 and 5, respectively, relate to the European Federation for Investment on Arbitration, to the Frankfurt Court of Appeal decision in the Slovak Republic’s investment arbitration case, and to Vattenfall’s ICSID arbitration against Germany, relating to Germany’s phase-out of nuclear power.

Post no. 8 deals with Germany’s approach to discovery under the Hague Evidence Convention, and post no. 10 is on class action in security matters.

Whenever I post on something “off topic”, I wonder whether you are at all interested. Apparently you are: Both posts on Fritz Bauer, the prosecutor behind the Auschwitz trials, make it into the top ten: The most read post this year was about Labyrinth of Lies, a 2015 movie about the Auschwitz Trials, with the post about the Fritz Bauer exhibition at the Jewish museum in Frankfurt coming in as no. 10.

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