All About TTIP: 11th Frankfurt Roundtable on Investment Law and Investment Treaty Arbitration, November 4, 2015


European Union Agrees Rules to Manage Investor-State Disputes

This is from last week’s press release issued by the European Commission: “The European Union today took an important step towards creating a comprehensive EU investment policy, with the publication of a Regulation setting out a new set of rules to manage disputes under the EU’s investment agreements with its trading partners. The rules – set out in the Regulation on financial responsibility under future investor-to-state disputes – are a necessary component of a common EU investment policy. Read More

Upper Chamber of German Parliament Against Investment Arbitration in US/EU TTIP

In today‘s session, the Upper Chamber (Bundesrat) of the German parliament discussed the state of the current negotiations of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)  between the European Union and the United States. In that context, several federal states tabled a resolution, which spoke out against the use of investment arbitration in the treaty. The resolution was adopted. In its relevant part, it reads as follows: Read More

Transatlantic Investment Protection: EU Online Consultation and Verfassungsblog Online Symposium

Investment protection and investment arbitration are getting unprecedented public attention in this country, across all kinds of media – the TTIP even made it into the heute show, a weekly satirical news show. The discussions are triggered by the negotiations of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the U.S. The discussion is not limited to Germany, though. The EU Commission did react, and on March 27, 2014 started an online consultation. Verfassungsblog,  Germany’s blog “on matters constitutional”, in turn has invited some twenty legal scholars to comment, in the form of online symposium, from various legal perspectives on the document put forward by the EU Commission – profound and thought-provoking discussions guaranteed. Verfassungsblog publishes both German and English-language posts, so do check it out.