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Greek Debt Crises Reaches Federal Supreme Court

Coat_of_arms_of_Greece_svgGerman investors in Greek government bonds have sued the Hellenic Republic in German courts over losses suffered as a result of the restructuring of their bonds. The Greek debt restructuring which triggered this litigation took place in March 2012. Greek bonds were exchanged for new bonds with lower principal, lower interest rates and longer maturity, resulting in a haircut for investors. A large majority of investors accepted the swap, but some investors did not, and went to court. Read More

Bleier v. Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Service and Immunity

Today’s guest post by Ted Folkman of Letters Blogatory addresses the interplay of German and US courts in relation to service under the Hague Service Convention in a putative class action:  

The plaintiffs in Bleier v. Bundesrepublik Deutschland  claim that they are hold pre- WWII German bonds, on which Germany ceased making repayments in 1933.

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