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Public International Law in International Arbitration: 3rd Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel Lecture, Berlin, September 22, 2015

Berlin_Große_Orangerie_1987_01On September 22, 2105, Professor Bruno Simma, University of Munich and University of Michigan, will deliver the 3rd Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel Lecture, organized by the German Institution of Arbitration (Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit, DIS) and named after its Honorary Chairman, Professor Böckstiegel. The first lectures had been held in Bergisch-Gladbach, but this year, the date and location have been chosen to link into the DIS Autumn Meeting the following day in Berlin. The Autumn Meeting discusses Power Imbalances in International Arbitration.

The photo shows the venue of the lecture, the Orangery of Schloss Charlottenburg. Copyright Frank Schwichtenberg via Wikipedia

Update: Should the Setting Aside of the Arbitral Award be Abolished?

Professor Albert Jan van den Berg dealt with this rather provocative question when he delivered the 2nd Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel Lecture on the topic on September 13, 2013. The lecture has since been published, and made available on video tape. In his lecture, Professor van den Berg undertook a tour d’horizon of the legal issues that setting aside procedures create – it is well worth reading, but for all those of you you can not deal with the uncertainty of not knowing the answer, I am going to give away his conclusion: Read More

Should the Setting Aside of an Arbitral Award Be Abolished?

A rather provocative question – to which I do not pretend to have the answer. But ist appears that Professor Albert Jan van den Berg may have it. He will deliver the 2nd Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel Lecture on that topic. The lecture is organized by the German Institution for Arbitration in honour of Karl-Heinz-Böckstiegel, its long-time president and current honorary president. It will be held on September 13, 2013 at Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg, Bergisch Gladbach, near Cologne. Read More