Fritz Bauer

Fritz_Bauer_1erFinally, there is a German postal stamp to honour Fritz Bauer, the Hessian attorney general (Generalstaatsanwalt) and the public prosecutor behind the first Auschwitz trials in Germany and the Eichman trail in Israel.

The late Erardo Rautenberg, attorney general in the state of Brandenburg, had lobbied for an official postal stamp in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Fritz Bauer’s death in 2018. Last year, the proposal was not implemented and unfortunately, Rautenberg did not live to see that his initiative was finally successful this year: The Federal Ministry of Finance on 2 November 2019 issued the stamp shown above as part of its series honouring „Upstanding Advocates of Democracy“.

The quote on the stamp reads: “Nothing belongs to the past, everything still is present, and has the potential to become the future.”


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