Conference on Minimum Standards in European Civil Procedure, Wiesbaden, November 14 and 15, 2014

Professor Matthias Weller of the EBS Law School is the co-organizer of a conference on Minimum Standards in European Civil Procedure – The Basis für Mutual Trust which will take place at the EBS Campus in Wiesbaden on November 14 and 15, 2014.

In March 2014, the European Commission has set out its vision, in a paper titled Towards a true European area of Justice: Strengthening trust, mobility and growth, for the future of European civil procedure, and has emphasised the importance that jurisdictions trust each other’s procedures and decisions:

“Mutual trust is the bedrock upon which EU justice policy should be built. EU instruments such as the European Arrest Warrant or rules on conflict of laws issues between Member States require a high level of mutual trust between justice authorities from different Member States. While the EU has laid important foundations for the promotion of mutual trust, it needs to be further strengthened to ensure that citizens, legal practitioners and judges fully trust judicial decisions irrespective of in which Member State they have been taken.”

The Wiesbaden conference will build on the topics explored at the Assises de la Justice hosted by the European Commission in November last year. The conference will discuss, both from the view point of the member states and from that of the European Union, the minimum procedural standards that have evolved or are evolving and which the conference organizers believe are the basis of mutual trust between the member states. Here is the link to the registration form.


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