Update: Do Americans Make Better Global Lawyers?

In October 2012, I asked the question and pointed to a lecture by professor Mathias W. Reimann, who promised to have the answers: “Why Americans Make Better Global Lawyers”. The lecture was to be delivered at the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg as the 13th Ernst Rabel Lecture. I promised that I would follow up on the topic, but I must ask my readers to wait until January 2014, when the manuscript is scheduled for publication in The Rabel Journal of Comparative and International Private Law (RabelsZ). In the meantime, Gian-Reto Schulthess picked up the question, and reached the conclusion that Americans may make better gobal lawyers, but Europeans make better international lawyers.

P.S.: Professor Reimann states, on his website: “Please note: Prof. Reimann does not use email.” There are days on which I envy him.


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