Month: May 2013

ECHR Blog – Happy Anniversary!

ECHR Blog, Antoine Buyse’s blog covering the European Convention on Human Rights, is celebrating its fifth anniversary today. Happy anniversary, and keep up the good work!

The Convention and the case law of the ECHR did feature in this blog, readers may recall, in the context of Germany’s excessive length of court proceedings. Human rights is both a great concept, an abstract category, and of great relevance in our daily practice. If we do not have to pay attention to their impact on our daily practice and can take them for granted, all the better. But we should think of those who can not do so.

Don’t Mention the War – On England, Germany and Football

Occasionally on this blog, we mention football (and here and here). And occasionally, we mention Monthy Python. The old English cliches about German krauts, however, appear to be fading away, thanks to a strange combination of politics and football. Just imagine what The Sun’s headlines ahead of tomorrow’s Bayern – Dortmund final at Wembley would have been back in the 1990s. Read More

Porsche Hedge Fund Litigation: New York, Braunschweig – Now It’s Stuttgart Again

We had reported earlier that Porsche had struck a deal with some of the New York hedgde fund claimants to discontinue their US actions. In return, Porsche had agreed not to invoke the statute of limitation if the actions were filed again in Germany. According to press reports, 25 funds, including Viking Global,Tiger Global, Royal Capital, Glenhill Capital and Greenlight Capital have now filed claims in the order of EUR 1.4 billion against Porsche SE.


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