Month: April 2013

Careers and Continuities: First Findings of the Independent Commission on German Justice Ministry’s Third Reich Past

Last year, the German Ministry of Justice established an independent commission to research its past during the Third Reich. In February 2013, the commission presented its first findings during a symposium which was held at the highly symbolic venue of the Nuremberg trials.

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Russia and England: Resolving Jurisdictional Disputes

My posts on Russia and the Russian arbitrazh courts were the ones that attracted the most comments, both here and in some LinkedIn groups. As discussed in the context the reciprocity requirement, there are few German cases on Russian judgments, and vice versa. From a jurisdictional perspective, and thanks mainly to litigious oligarchs attracted to the High Court in London, Russia and England are a much more fertile pair. In the Law Society Gazette, Raymond Cox QC and his co-authors review the case law that has evolved in England and Russia on jurisdictional issues in this bi-lateral relationship.

Porsche Litigation Update: New York, Stuttgart, Braunschweig – Next Stop Hannover?

In the Porsche securities litigation, where billions are at stake following Porsche’s failed attempt to take over Volkswagen, actions have been brought in courts in New York, London, Stuttgart and Braunschweig. Whereas in New York and Stuttgart, it was so far all about jurisdiction – or the lack of it – Braunschweig has already ruled on the merits of these claims back in September 2012, when it dismissed the first two smaller actions against Porsche. So it came as a bit of a surprise when, in a hearing on April 17, 2013 that dealt with the second wave of bigger cases, the Braunschweig court showed some sympathy for an application made by one of the claimants to move the matter to another court.

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International Litigation News: Standard & Poor’s in Courts Around the Globe

The April 2013 edition of International Litigation News, the newsletter of the IBA’s Litigation Committee, has just come out yesterday (ahead of the Committe’s Annual Litigation Forum in Istanbul next week. If you are attending, let me know, it would be great to meet in person.) International Litigation News features contributions from five jurisdictions on litigation against credit rating agencies, namely in Australia, Italy, the United States, England and Germany.  Read More