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Is Germany’s Position on Pre-trial Discovery of Documents under the Hague Evidence Convention Softening?

hcch logoIn 2013, a decision by the President of the Court of Appeals (Oberlandesgericht) Frankfurt led me to speculate whether Germany’s position on the pre-trial discovery of docments under the Hague Evidence Convention is softening. In April 2014, the Federal Ministry of Justice came forward with a proposal to modify Germany’s position on discovery of documents and to allow it in certain circumstances. In this post, I try to summarize the various responses to this initiative. Read More

Careers and Continuities: First Findings of the Independent Commission on German Justice Ministry’s Third Reich Past

Last year, the German Ministry of Justice established an independent commission to research its past during the Third Reich. In February 2013, the commission presented its first findings during a symposium which was held at the highly symbolic venue of the Nuremberg trials.

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