Cologne Court: Child’s Religious Circumcision Constitutes A Criminal Offence

In case you read in the press about Cologne District Court’s judgment and wondered what was going on here: Both Verfassungsblog and UK Human Rights Blog review and analyse the judgment.

UK Human Rights Blog, in addition, provides an English translations of the appeal judgment, made available courtesy of Margret Marks of Transblawg. Max Steinbeis at has put it this way, and I think there is little to add:

“If this judgment were correct, then German criminal prosecutors, of all people, – and only them in the entire universe, if I am not mistaken – would have to prosecute Jews for something they do because they are Jews. This in itself is quite unbelievable.” (“Wenn dieses Urteil richtig wäre, dann müssten ausgerechnet deutsche Staatsanwälte – als einzige auf der ganzen Welt, wenn ich nicht irre – Juden verfolgen, weil sie tun, was Juden tun.  Das ist für sich genommen schon mal ziemlich unglaublich.”)


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