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Dispute Resolution Germany in 2013 – Top Ten Posts

With the year end in sight, I looked back at what posts you read most in 2013. The three main categories that Dispute Resolution Germany covers – arbitration, litigation and mediation – are all represented. Investment arbitration emerges as THE hot topic, with four entries in the top ten. Arbitration in total accounts for seven posts. Here are the top ten posts:  Read More

Van Gend & Loos: 50th Anniversary of ECJ Landmark Case

Today is the 50th anniversary of Van Gend en Loos v Nederlandse Administratie der Belastingen, one of the landmark cases of the European Court of Justice. It’s so famous that it has even got its own Wikipedia entry. In short, the Van Gend en Loos judgment established the principle of direct effect: Provisions of the European Economic Community Treaty, as it then was, are capable of creating rights for individuals, and these rights can be enforced by these individuals in the courts of member states. Read More