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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Weekend pursuits. Browsing through piles of books, I come across As Far As I Can Remember, the autobiography of Sir Michael Kerr, the English judge – and there is a little story that goes with it.

As a summer student in a firm in London, I had attended a hearing in the Court of Appeal. After the hearing, the barrister told me that I most likely knew one of the judges, Sir Michael Kerr – not in person, but from one of my children’s books, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. And he was right. When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, by Judith Kerr, Sir Michael’s sister, is the autobiographical story of the Kerr family’s emigration from Nazi Germany to Switzerland, France and eventually England. Their father, Alfred Kerr, war a famous journalist and writer, and amongst those whose books were burnt in May 1933. Read More