Banking Arbitration: “Pr1me Numb3rs”

Edward Machin at CDR Commercial Dispute Resolution has written a piece, quoting yours truly on the German view point, on PRIME’s ambition “to turn bankers’ heads to arbitration” – an interesting survey on PRIME Finance, or the Panel of Recognised International Market Experts on Finance by its full name, that was set up last year in The Hague. Read More

Financial Dispute Resolution and PRIME – A Survey

The financial crisis and related events are widely believed to have led to an increase of disputes in the finance industry. Against this background, in January 2012 the Panel of Recognised International Market Experts in Finance (“PRIME”) opened inThe Hague to provide a bespoke forum to assist in the resolution of financial markets disputes. Claiming to have assembled a panel of industry specialists with collectively over 2,000 years of experience, PRIME offers judicial training, advisory opinions, experts for disputes, a mediation service and an arbitration facility based on a customised version of the UNCITRAL rules.  Read More