Art Law: Proposed “Lex Gurlitt” May Harm Owners of Lost Art

Yesterday, we had a closer look at the Bavarian initiative in the Gurlitt case designed to address the statute of limitation issue. Today’s guest post by Professor Lorenz Kähler, University of Bremen, reviews this legislative proposal. His assessment is rather sobering: The new provision of the Civil Code (BGB), if adopted, may not help heirs pursuing restitution claims, or even be more burdensome than the current law. But read for yourself: Continue reading

Art Law: A Procedural Proposal for the Gurlitt Art Find

Lorenz Kähler this week in Legal Tribune Online published a  proposal on how to overcome the procedural stalemate around the Gurlitt art find: On behalf of the potential owners of the art works found with Gurlitt, the Augsburg court should appoint a curator (Pfleger) on the basis of Sec. 1913 German Civil Code (BGB). Continue reading