Human Rights Litigation: District Court Dismisses Claims By Pakistani Textile Workers

As previously reported, the victims of a disastrous fire in a Pakistani textile factory have sued Kik, a German textile retailer, in the District Court (Landgericht) Dortmund for damages. The German textile importer allegedly was one of the major customers the textile factory. The action was commenced in March 2015, and supported by a German NGO. Earlier this week, the court issued its judgment in this matter and dismissed the actionContinue reading

Dortmund Court Grants Pakistani Workers Legal Aid to Pursue Tort Claims Against German Textile Importer

Das-Landgericht---Aussenansicht_thumb_250Today, the District Court (Landgericht) Dortmund announced that it had granted four Pakistani plaintiffs, who are either victims or relatives of victims of a fire in a textile factory in Karachi, legal aid (Prozesskostenhilfe) to pursue their damages claims against KiK, a German textile retailer, in the German courts. On September 11, 2012, fire broke out during the late afternoon shift at a factory in Karachi and killed nearly 300 people. It was reported that hundreds of workers were trapped inside the factory, as the building had metal grilles on the windows and no fire exits. KiK did not operate the factory directly or indirectly, but sourced goods from the Pakistani operator of the factory (see here for the BBC’s coverage of the incident). Continue reading