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Speeding Up Arbitration: New ICC Expedited Rules In Force

ICC Court of Arbitration LogoThe ICC has introduced new rules for expedited proceedings that apply to all arbitration agreements entered into from March 1, 2017 onwards. With that step, the ICC is following other leading international arbitral institutions that have introduced similar expedited rules, such as ACICA, DIS, HKIAC, ICDR, SCC, SIAC, and the Swiss Rules. Read More

ICC Arbitrator Appointments: A First Look At The Data

ICC Court of Arbitration LogoAs reported here earlier, in January 2016, the ICC Court announced that it would start to publish the names of arbitrators serving in ICC administered cases.

When the first six names and the corresponding information were released in June 2016, the snapshot of arbitrator appointment at the time was surprisingly young, and surprisingly female: At that point in time, six sole arbitrators had been appointed, three of them were women. Looking at the biographies on the website of the arbitrators, the majority – both male and female – of them struck me as young (at least by the standards of the arbitration community, and using graduation and bar admittance dates as proxies for age). Read More

ICC Court adopts Guidance Note on Conflict Disclosures by Arbitrators

ICC Court of Arbitration LogoEarlier this month, the ICC International Court of Arbitration has adopted a Guidance Note for the disclosure of conflicts by arbitrators. I had the priviledge to hear the President of the Court, Alexis Mourre, discuss the new policy at a meeting with the ICC’s German Group shortly after the note had been adopted by the Bureau of the Court on February 12, 2016. Read More