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Piketty-Mania Is Reaching Germany. Slowly. By 2015.

The English-language press has been all over the place on Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”. It is sold out on amazon.com. But if you are not patient enough to wait for the real thing, you can order an executive summary. Today.

The Washington Post even felt it had to help its readers: To those who do not want to feel any longer like they are the only person who hasn’t weighed in on Thomas Piketty’s book, the Post offered guidance: “How to write a Thomas Piketty think piece, in 10 easy steps.”

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Happy Birthday, C.H. Beck!

If you ever read German legal literature or German statutes, the likelihood is that you did come across C. H. Beck, Germany’s pre-eminent legal publishing house. Earlier this month, C.H. Beck celebrated its 250th birthday. And if you pursued a law degree, you will have spent a fortune on their products.

Myops, the non-mainstream legal journal published by, of course, C.H. Beck, in its September issue has the story behind Schönfelder and all the other loose-leaf collections of German laws that are more than any other C. H. Beck product the publisher’s hall mark.*

A familiy buisness in its sixth generation, C. H. Beck is managed by a pair of brothers, one looking after the legal division, the other leading the substantial non-legal arm of the company.

* Jens Gal, Die Spur der Backsteine, myops 19 (2013), 57.