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American Bar Association: Call for Top 100 Blawg Nominations

HallofFame200pxV3There are still things in the United States I envy. Certainly, one of these is the thriving legal blogosphere – they have so many legal blogs over there, they even created a neologism for them: blawgs.

Every year since 2007, the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal has assembled a list of their 100 favorite blawgs for the December issue.

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Current Issues in International Art Law, ABA Europe Forum, Berlin, March 27, 2015

ABA LogoOn March 27, 2015, I have the privilege to moderate a panel on current issues in international art law. Here is from the conference programme:

“The art world used to be relatively small: The main players – i.e., collectors, art dealers and auction houses – knew and trusted each other and often closed deals with a handshake. That has certainly changed in the last 20 or 30 years, and now, art is everywhere and seemingly for everybody. While this development is generally welcome, it also leads to serious risks. Recent art scandals show that there is a real potential for legal problems and significant losses – both financial and reputational. Whether you acquire art worth millions of dollars for a world class collection, or you simply want to buy a painting for your home or office, you need to know the basics of art law. The panel of experienced international art lawyers will discuss a number of recent art law cases, explain the legal principles implicated in those cases and give tips on how to avoid (or at least minimize) problems.” Read More

American Bar Association on Foreign Data Protection Laws in U.S. Discovery

civ0062 - Hague ConventionOne of the recurring themes in German-American legal relations is the culture clash of US style discovery and German style data protection. Therefore, I read with great interest that the American Bar Association (ABA) passed a resolution on the topic. Here it is – the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association resolved on February 6, 2012: Read More