IBA Annual Litigation Forum: New Challenges in Multijurisdictional Litigation, 6-8 May 2020, Buenos Aires

IBA_BAThis time last year, I was still quite nerveous about getting everything lined up for the IBA’s Annual Litigation Forum in Berlin which I had the honour of co-charing. This year, I can sit back, relax and plan my trip to Argentina, knowing that things are in the capable hands of our friends Angelo Anglani and Rodrigo Fermin Garcia.

The programme has just come out. Here is a summary of what the conference will cover:

  • Commercial litigation arising from corporate scandals: the lessons learnt from recent cases
  • Third party funding in litigation: benefits and concerns
  • Securities litigation: a live investigation into comparative approaches
  • Enforcing judgments around the world: threats and opportunities
  • Assessing damages in complex matters: interactions between lawyers and quantum experts

The early bird discount applies if you register before 18 March 2020.

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