Goethe Universität Frankfurt: German & International Arbitration, Summer Term 2016

1200px-Goethe-Logo_svgGoethe University’s law school again offers a Summer Programme on German and International Arbitration. Here is from the course description:

“Wanting to learn more about commercial arbitration? This Goethe University Curriculum provides you with a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of German and international commercial arbitration. Some of the most eminent arbitration specialists from major international law firms offer their knowledge and experience in a lecture series conducted in both German and English. Offered weekly, in the early evening hours, for a maximum of 30 highly motivated participants.”

As in the previous year, yours truly will be one of the speakers. The schedule is now online; the programme starts on April 12, 2016. Registration closes on April 6, 2016, but places are limited to 30.



  1. Jorge Alberto Ramirez

    Good morning,

    I´m a student of the LLM program on Law and Finance of the ILF in Göoethe University. I wasn’t able to register as participant for this summer school, but would really much appreciate if by any means I could be enlisted as participant. I have previous professional experience on international commercial arbitration, both in practical and academical level. Please let me know if I can still be able to participate in the course. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me with.

    • Peter Bert

      Dear Jorge,
      As I am not involved in the administration of the course, there is nothing that I can do personally. I guess the best thing is to contact the administration office and ask them, whether they maintain a wait list in the event that someone cancels short notice.
      Kind regards,
      Peter Bert

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