Dispute Resolution Germany in 2014 – The Top Ten Posts

220px-Claudia_Pechstein_2008Looking back at the year that has just ended, I was curious to see what the most popular posts in 2014 were. Here they are:

Sports arbitration takes the gold medal, with a post on speed-skater Claudia Pechstein’s case on the non-recognition of a CAS award against her.

The silver medal goes to pre-trial discovery under the Hague Convention.

In third and fourth place, we find investment arbitration, with the Vattenfall v. Germany Tribunal, and the European Union’s approach to managing investor state disputes. Investment arbitration features again, in eighth place, with the resolution of the Upper Chamber of German parliament against investment Arbitration in TTIP.

No. 5 is a post on compelling German third party witnesses in US litigation, followed by the new ICC Guide for In-house Counsel on the effective management of arbitration.

Posts no. 7 and 9 deal again with international litigation, namely with new developments in the U.S. courts on personal jurisdiction over foreign parties, and on the EU becoming a party to the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements.

Finally, in no. 10 we reveal why Americans make better global lawyers.

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