Lost in Litigation – Seminar for German Businesses, September 23, 2014 in Frankfurt

My partners Henning Moelle and Philipp Behrendt are offering a one-day seminar called “Lost in Litigation – Challenges for German Businesses in U.S. Litigation”. It will be held in Frankfurt on September 23, 2014. The seminar provides an overview of U.S. litigation issues that are of relevance to pretty much everyone doing business in the United States. The agenda touches on issues that we cover here in the blog as well, but of course in a much more systematic way.

Cartoon courtesy of and copyright by Stu Rees www.stus.com


Hedge Fund Litigation: Porsche’s Victory in Braunschweig

Here ist an update on the epic litigation battle that follows from Porsche’s failed take over of Volkswagen. Hedge funds try to recover losses suffered at the time and sue Porsche for billions of damages. The court cases have taken them on a Tour of Germany. Today, it was the Braunschweig District Court (Landgericht) which was scheduled to hand down decisions in three of the actions pending against Porsche. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Verfassungsblog!

Verfassungsblog, Germany’s blog “on matters constitutional” started five years ago. Initially Maximilian Steinbeis’ solo effort, it has evolved into a joint venture with Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and Humboldt Universität Berlin. In addition, more and more content is published in German and English, making Verfassungsblog a unique resource for current debates on constitutional matters in Germany and the European Union, such as the TTIP debate. All the best, Verfassungsblog!

English Language in German Courts: Any progress?

In March 2014, the proposal to allow English language proceedings in German courts has been re-introduced into the parliamentary process. It had become obsolete after last year’s election.* The draft legislation is more or less identical to the one proposed during the last parliamentary term, which had proceeded to an experts’ hearing in the Bundestag. 

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