German Courts at Epicenter of Global Patent Battles Among Tech Rivals

Just as I posted on Düsseldorf’s move to strengthen its position as a global patent litigation forum, the New York Times yesterday ran a story about German Courts being at the “Epicenter of Global Patent Battles Among Tech Rivals”, covering the headline cases currently pending in München, Mannheim and Düsseldorf.Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft and Motorola, they all are or have been involved in high-stakes patent litigation in Germany over the past two years

The NYT sums it up nicely: “In a sense, Germany has become a destination for fast, effective one-stop patent challenges, much as Britain is for libel and the state of Delaware is for registration of American companies.” I guess the challenge now is to teach the non-patent litigation folks that Germany can deliver the same fast and effective resolution of your international commercial and corporate disputes…. Watch this space.

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