Happy Birthday, Bundesverfassungsgericht!

The Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) celebrated its 60th birthday last month – happy birthday!

As you would expect, the event was celebrated by the legal/academic community with an abundance of books and articles. Maximilian Steinbeis’ Verfassungsblog provides some guidance on what is worth reading. More generally, Verfassungsblog is an excellent resource on current constitutional matters. A recent English language post reports about the inner workings of the court: “Constitutional Justices have feelings too, you know.”

Maximilian also brought to my attention who the “the single most active and important right-protecting body of the world” is – no, this accolade was not a birthday present for our good old Bundesverfassungsgericht, but the title was awarded to the European Court of Human Rights by Yale’s Alec Stone Sweet.


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