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Workshop in The Hague – Collective Redress in the Cross-Border Context: Arbitration, Litigation, Settlement and Beyond

Europe’s legal think thanks are turning their attention to class actions and similar concepts: We recently mentioned Berlin’s Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance’s Conference on the topic – posts on this are to follow. Now, the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL) and the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) announce a workshop on ‘Collective Redress in the Cross-Border Context: Arbitration, Litigation and Beyond.’ The three-day event will be held June 20 – 22, 2012, at the NIAS site in Wassenaar, twenty minutes outside of the Hague. The event is free, but registration is required. For more information, including the full programme, see the HiiL website.

“Class Actions in Europe – Status Quo and Outlook”; Berlin Conference on May 7/8, 2012

Berlin’s Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance and Frankfurt/Oder’s “Frankfurter Institut für das Recht der Europäischen Union” are hosting, on May 7 and 8, 2012, a conference on “Class Actions in the European Union – Status Quo and Outlook” (Die EU-Sammelklage – Status und Perspektiven). They have put together a programme with excellent speakers representing major interest groups and a broad spectrum of lawyers, judges, academics and industry bodies- a very promising set-up. Here’s the link to the conference programme.

The Porsche/Volkswagen Saga – News from the Legal Battlefields

Thanks to Porsche’s attempt to take over Volkswagen with an elaborate option strategy, high-stakes shareholder suits have finally come to Germany. International financial investors have brought actions against Porsche and Volkswagen, seeking damages in the order of several billions. The claimants argue, in short, that they suffered losses when Porsche cornered the market with the use of fancy derivatives and failed to disclose the true position it had taken. Read More

KapMuG: Legislative Process Started to Revise Capital Market Investors’ Model Proceeding Act

During Christmas and the New Year, whilst I was taking a break and stopped blogging, law makers in Berlin remained busy up and until the last business day of the year: 

On December 30, 2011, the draft of the revised Kapitalanlegermusterverfahrensgesetz, or KapMuG for short, the Capital Market Investors’ Model Proceeding Act, has been submitted to the Upper Chamber (Bundesrat) of the German Parliament. I had reported previously about the background to the revision of the Act. Read More