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Art Law: German Court Rules on Deletion of Entries in the Lost Art Database

This judgment, by the Administrative Court of Appeal (Oberverwaltungs-gericht) in Magdeburg, State of Sachsen-Anhalt, is unrelated to the Gurlitt matter, courtesy of which the Lost Art database has gained unprecedented name recognition worldwide. The court had to rule on the issue whether a work of art has to be removed from the database, once it has been found, even if the title to the art work remains disputed.  Read More

Art Law: Contact Details of the Gurlitt Art Find Task Force

As previoulsy reported, a task force was established to assist the Augsburg public prosecutor’s office (Staatsanwaltschaft) to research the provenance of the Gurlitt collection. Its contact details, however, are not that prominently advertised – at least I could only find them in a German language press release on lostart.de. Here they are: Read More